Charles’ Charts

See below and attached for updated Market Statistics, provided by Charles McCann with Community Realty

Some interesting notes!

Chart 1a- Today there are 379 houses on the market, but what this chart does not reflect are the houses on the market within the greater Coastal City-Limits, (Trinidad to Scotia & Carlotta). In the more populated areas there are actually just 174 houses available to purchase. We have seen many rural properties being listed under “Residential”, but are an hour or more drive from the Coast. 

What am I saying? We still have a very low Inventory of Homes to purchase;

Arcata- 16 Homes for sale (6 are under $500,000)

Mckinleyville- 14 Homes for sale (6 are under $500,000)

Eureka- 60 homes for sale (41 are under $500,000) *quite a few of these do not appear bank-financeable

Chart 2a- Median prices for a 3 Month Average are $469,000, reflecting the demand for homes under $500,000 is still the most sought after price range, where actual inventory is the lowest.

Let’s talk about it! Interesting times we’re in! -Dane