Charles’ Charts

Attached are the recently updated real estate charts. The monthly charts are updated though the end of February. The rest are date stamped with the day they were updated. The charts are selected from a larger list of charts that I keep which is why some numbers are skipped.    
1a.– Active residences (current inventory) – Just a year ago in February of 2021, we hit our low in the number of home on the market at approximately 100. Since then, inventory has slowly risen to slightly more than 200 homes on the market, still low but progress.  
2a. – Median prices. Although prices continue to rise monthly, the rate of increase in the 3-month median price has slowed in the past several months compared to the previous two years.  
4. – Median DOM (days on market) for homes that sold over the past 30 days. This past month we ranged from 11 to 13 days (meaning that 1/2 of the homes leave the market in the first 11 -13 days or less). This shows the continued buying pressure.  
6. – Number of homes that went pending in the past 30 days. It’s a good sign that pendings continue to rise although it feels the market is a bit sluggish.  –  I had a buyer contact me a couple weeks ago and asked to be added to a search alert in MLS. One day after Ukraine was invaded he called and canceled telling me that things have become too uncertain and he would hold of looking for a house.  Have any of you had a similar experience? How are buyers and sellers responding to this situation in Ukraine in your observations?  
9. – Homes sold for 12 consecutive months. Since hitting a high in June of last year, we continue to trend down in the number of homes that are sold for 12 consecutive months.  
11. – List price compared to sold price. For the first time since October of 2020, the median sales price was less than the median list price. It appears the fervor has cooled a bit.

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